Thirty Year Old Whisky

As a birthday treat to myself, I purchased four 30 year old whisky samples from Drinks by the Dram (Master of Malt). Due to a number of reasons, I was unable to partake in their tastiness until now. Finally! Adam and I sampled each of them, and they were all delightful in their own way.

Tomatin 30 Year Old

Single Malt Scotch (Highland) 46% ABV

Nose: Sweet, honeyed “biscuit”

Palate: Not fruity, but sweet. Buttery. Not spicy, but little more fiery than I expected.

Notes: Short finish, but not harsh. Very pleasant.

Majesty 30 Year Old (Duncan Taylor)

(Scotch Blend? Unclear) 40% ABV

Nose: Sweet grains, vanilla

Palate: Very nice! Sweet, biscuity, with some different flavor notes developing as you taste. Not floral, but almost a tartness, like green apple. Lingering warmth. No spice, very smooth.

Notes: Delightful!

Glenglassaugh 30 Year Old

Single Malt Scotch (Speyside) 44.8% ABV

Nose: Very sweet, little spicy, dried fruits

Palate: Spicy, but not fiery. Caramel, sweet. Dark and rich, almost like fruitcake, but not quite Christmas.

Notes: Long finish.

Talisker 30 Year Old (2011 Release)

Single Malt Scotch (Island) 45.8% ABV

Nose: Some smoke, but not overwhelming.

Palate: Complex! Smoke is there, but not striking. Fruit, spice, and tannin. Also a bit salty on the end.

Notes: Long finish, with a hint of earthy tannin, warming.

It was great fun to be tasting again! Our palates and descriptive skills seemed to be a bit rusty (as well as my tolerance), but it was fun. I look forward to doing more sampling soon.   🙂


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