Back Into Training

Well, after a week and a half of coach-sanctioned rest, I’ve finally gotten back into training the last few weeks. What am I training for, you ask?

Saturday, September 12 – Beat the Blerch Half Marathon

We ran this race last year (inaugural) and it was a blast. Can’t wait to run it again! How many times in a race are you chased by people in Blerch costumes, yelling at you to slow down and take a rest on a couch?

Saturday, September 19 – UltraPedestrian Wilderness Challenge Route #2 (Chinook Pass/Ohanepecosh River Loop)

This is an interesting challenge, as you choose your own “race day” and it’s completely self-supported. I’m planning on running this with a friend, and looking forward to all the scenic vistas!

Saturday, October 3 Baker Lake 50K

This will be Adam’s first ultra. I’m psyched for him, and hope it all goes well. I’m going along for fun.

Okay, so it’s a lot in a span of 4 weeks. Oops. But then… then I shall rest. I’ll admit that I haven’t quite got my motivation and ambition back. Partially because I’m dealing with some anxiety/health issues right now. Partially because I do think I’m burned out on training/racing. Many folks can do race after race and be inspired and gain energy from it. And that’s just not me, but this was an interesting trial season. Don’t know how you’ll feel until you try it, I guess.

Since it’s been fairly low-key in terms of training, I don’t have a lot of gorgeous photos to share. And I really haven’t been drinking much whisky lately. So… how about some adorable cat photos instead?

She loves this. So. MUCH.

Being adorable, but to what end?


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