Part of Section J – PCT

We had absolutely perfect weather today! Started off cool, and ended up warm, but comfortable. We ran with my coach’s group, but after 8 miles, everyone else turned around and we kept going. Adam was feeling really good, so he went ahead of me and then turned around at 11 miles. I made it to about 10.5, and turned around. We filtered water at Ridge Lake on the way back, and kept on trucking. It took us 7 hours to do the 21/22 miles because so much of it has to be hiked rather than run. Whew.

I have mixed feelings about Kendall Katwalk (and beyond). The first part is just up, up, up switchbacks. Once you reach the Katwalk, you get some amazing views of the surrounding area, and of Mt. Rainier. After a high point, you go back down toward the lakes, and then up again, but it’s really rocky and not really runnable. Last year I rolled my ankle twice on a similar run, so I was being extra careful on this one (no problems to report). Adam agreed that the views are great, but it’s not really ideal for logging the long miles.

And following this adventure, we got a BBQ feast from RoRo’s in Wallingford and it was fantastic. Exactly what’s needed after a taxing run like this one!

Rainier looks like a painting.

Christie and Rachael documenting the views.

Me on the Katwalk!

A Hinz selfie with Rainier!


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