Beat The Blerch Half Marathon Race Report

We ran the inaugural Beat the Blerch last year and it was a blast. Honestly, I take all my races a wee bit too seriously, so it was a lovely change of pace to run one that’s primary focus really was just to have fun. I’m not really much for 5 or 10Ks, so this is my version of a “fun run.”

We were really looking forward to this year’s race and it was just as great as before. It was a really well-run event  (always appreciated by the runners), and the weather was good – comfortable and overcast. We both felt strong, which made the race even better.

Waiting to start…

They start the race in very unofficial waves, which alerts you to the true goal of this race: to have fun. We had both forgotten our watches (oops), so we wouldn’t have a clue as to our pace or anything during the race. Generally not my favorite thing, but at least then we would focus on the fun of the race, and run by effort.

After a few miles, we caught up with Ellen, a fellow High Heel Running Group runner. It had been ages since I’d seen her, so it was great to catch up. She had just completed the Volcanic 50K the weekend before, so it was quite impressive she was already back out there!

Photo op with Adam, Ellen, and I, and The Blerch!

One thing that makes this race a bit different is the addition of couches at the aid stations. And there are Blerches there, chasing after you, begging you to sit down, relax, take a load off because you deserve it. We acquiesced this Blerch’s request so we could get a photo op. He wanted to watch Robocop, but we had to go. 😉

Also at the aid stations are nutella sandwiches and birthday cake. I didn’t want to tempt fate, so I waited to have cake until mile 10. It. Was. AMAZING. It should be at every aid station for every race. Always.


Finishing! I really felt a lot better than I appear, I promise!

Post-race indulgence – more cake!

Our finishing time was 2:08:40, which we were both very happy with. 9 minutes faster than last year for just a “fun” race.

Great race, and as Adam says, “Will do again!”

If, by the end of this race report, you’re still rather confused about what a “Blerch” is, I refer you to the The Oatmeal and the comic which inspired this race.


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