Sunrise on the Equinox

This morning I got up early to squeeze in a run before my day started, and it was lovely. I really enjoy early morning runs, and I wanted to try and describe this one because it was just so pleasant.

I left the apartment when it was still mostly dark and the sky was a velvety purple-black. It’s the autumnal equinox today, and there is no doubt that fall is here. The air was crisp, and the leaves are hinting that they’re ready to turn their brilliant colors. It was wonderfully quiet and calm. There’s something about the solitude of an early morning run that really appeals to me. Running is often a solitary sport anyway, but being out early just amplifies this aspect, and it’s just what I need before starting a hectic day.

On my way down to the Burke Gilman trail I could see the twinkling lights of downtown. To the east, I could see the sunrise develop before my eyes – light peeking out from behind the silhouette of the Cascades, and the sky was turning every shade of pink, orange, and yellow. I kept trying to find a good spot to capture the view with a photo, but to no avail. I just had to enjoy the visual feast in the moment. It was a good reminder for myself to really focus on the experience in the here and now (not a strength of mine, I’ll admit.)

After I hit my 2 mile turnaround point, the neighborhood started to wake up and the enchantment was lost. It became just a regular, brisk morning again. But as I headed back up the street in my final mile, I noticed oranges and pinks reflected on the clouds as a final reminder of the idyllic scene I’d witnessed earlier. Best start to the day EVER.


Happy Autumnal Equinox! 🙂


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