A Moment

This evening I was out on a little walk in the Fremont neighborhood. I couldn’t help but admire the gorgeous fall colors – crimson, bronze, and golden leaves, all against a brilliant blue sky. Not a sky that promises warmth and leisure, but a sky that’s crisp and reminds you that daylight is to be cherished this time of year.

Our leaves seem to change like everything in Seattle – independently and at their own pace. We’re so lucky here because autumn seems to stretch endlessly until suddenly everything is grey and misty, sometime in November. Then it’s time to find your cozy sweater, a hot beverage, a good book, and some kitties to snuggle.

On this particular lovely evening walk, I was delighted by more than just the bright splashes of color that I saw. I also enjoyed the delectable scent of Theo Chocolate wafting by on a light breeze. (Nevermind that the factory happened to be my destination due to some chocolate-y desires. What a wonderful happenstance!) 🙂

Until the winter grey descends, though, I will strive to take a few moments to ignore the daily clamor so I can appreciate the bright reds, oranges, and yellows against the pale azure sky. Wherever you are, I hope you too can appreciate the autumnal palette. (Chocolate optional, but encouraged.) 🙂


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