Cascade Endurance Fall Training Camp: Jumpstarting my Motivation and Training!

It’s been a tough summer of little-to-no running for me. Instead, it was an interesting mental challenge: recovering from an injury and also getting over the disappointment of not having any of the summer adventures I’d hoped to experience. Now, however, I’ve been given the all-clear to get back into training (while just monitoring some nagging niggles.) YAY!

So, I jumped in feet first.

Ah, fall running !

A few months ago I had signed up to do a fall running camp in Mazama, Washington, hosted by Alison and Sam Naney of Cascade Endurance. I had thought I would be well into training by this point, but clearly that wasn’t the case. I was nervous I’d be too out-of-shape to really get the most out of the workouts (due to the many days of frustration-inducing forced lack of activity this summer.) However, my body surprised me! The camp was this past weekend and it was exactly what I needed. It was 2.5 days of group workouts (four runs, a strength class, and a yoga class), group discussions, and absolutely delicious meals. I participated in all of it, and I didn’t break anything. Again, YAY!

Looking at all the fall colors after our first run. (Photo by Rachael Reese)

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am QUITE sore. Particularly from the always helpful ab workout (how are the squishy bits sore??) and a wonderful quad-busting run/hike (mostly proud I didn’t faceplant on the snowy/muddy downhill.) Watching me walk down stairs looks like a Tin Man comedy act. But I am SO HAPPY that I was able to fully participate and I’m thoroughly enjoying the soreness in my legs and abs. It felt so good to use my body again!

Snowy run/hike up Driveway Butte.

Of course, being in the beautiful North Cascades with some great like-minded folk was also mentally wonderful. A good friend of mine was at the camp with me, and she and I kept marveling at how great it felt to be away from all of the city/work/family stresses and just relax and be physically active. I always feel this way out on long runs or hikes, but being lucky enough to have it for multiple days was simply marvelous. My soul was happy!

Last run at Cedar Creek.

After this great weekend reconnecting with all of my running muscles, I am inspired to keep the momentum going! After a lengthy break (for whatever reason), it can be tough to get motivated to train again and not feel like you’ll be a Blerch forever. This running camp was the perfect springboard for me, and I’m really looking forward to continuing workouts and getting my strength and endurance back. One more time, YAY!

Beautiful mountain and larch views on the drive back to Seattle.

I have the Deception Pass 25K in 8 weeks, which will be a nice way to ease back in to trail races. Otherwise, I have no races planned yet for next season. So…50 miler? 100K? (gulp) 100 miler? Self-chosen routes? Choices, choices… What are YOUR race plans for next year?


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