My Better Half Virtual Run 2017

Last year we ran the My Better Half Marathon Virtual run and it was really fun! I’m a bit of a sucker for self-run races and being able to sleep in on ‘race day’ to run it whenever it works best for you. We decided to do the virtual run again this year! Also, Orca Running races always have great swag, and who doesn’t love that? 🙂


Obligatory pre-race photo

When we run together, we have a tendency to stay on the same sides always (like choosing a side of the bed to sleep on.) Adam had personalized his bib so it said “My Better Half is —>” Awww! So cute. So I wanted to do that too. I MAY have accidentally pointed the arrows the wrong way, lol, but nothing that a little creativity couldn’t fix. 🙂

Our route was the same as last year – on the Burke Gilman Trail. Nothing remarkable about it except that it’s flat and we know it really well. It was a great day for a run – warmer than it’s been lately, and dry. It was a reminder that winter won’t last forever!

In the neighborhood I saw signs of spring!
We ended a bit differently this year, though, by going to Gas Works Park. The sky was beautifully moody, so we had to grab a finishing photo there.

Our finishing time was a very comfortable 2:16! Just a minute slower than year, and we were deliberately taking our time.

We tried to take some cute post-run photos, but then we ended up looking creepy (our selfie game is not on point.) We finally got this one with the light-up medals.

Bonus: Kaylee loves red laser pointers, and she was enjoying staring at the medal as it flashed. Pretty cute. 🙂

Another fun race in the books!


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