Running in Zion National Park

I’ve been a runner my whole life, but in 2010 I finished my first half marathon, and it started a trend for me to seek longer and longer distances just to see if I could do it. Now I run road half marathons all the way up to trail 100 milers and everything in between. (Race history can be found here). My reasons for running all of these crazy miles have evolved over the years, and I’d like to explore that through these humble (and hopefully humorous) posts. Each run and race is an adventure (some more than others), and I’d like to share the adventures with you!

I have not always been a whisky drinker. I distinctly remember not enjoying it, even while studying abroad in Scotland. What a wasted opportunity! However, my mother is a fan of the divine beverage, and with some distant Scottish heritage from my father’s side, I just took a wee bit of acclimatizing, and now I love it. I’m enjoying developing my palate as much as I can and exploring the wide variety of whisk(e)y (with a focus on Scotch…yum).

How does running and whisky intersect? In my case, only through my love of both of them. will run for whisky was created in order to be a central place for me to explore the two main hobbies in my life.


Curious about more? How about some bullet points?

  • I grew up in Wisconsin, and have previously lived in Minnesota, Colorado, and Scotland. I currently live in Washington.
  • I’m married to a wonderful man, Adam, who is also from Wisconsin. And I’ve roped him into sometimes running crazy distances too.
  • We have two cats. They’re cute. And also high-maintenance. Good thing they’re cute.
  • I enjoy baking and cooking (well, mostly the eating). Also photography, hiking, and reading.
  • I love running. And whisky. Hence this blog.   🙂
  • Welcome!


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Check out my Whisky Log HERE.


Mt. Hood 50 miler



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